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Welcome to the website of the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society. The WMHS is one of the most important depositories of Great Lakes historical materials in existence. We are affiliated with and housed in the Milwaukee Public Library. Click on any highlighted words to see more information.

For over 40 years, the Society has been a premier maritime organization, devoted to discovering, collecting, recording and preserving materials related to Great Lakes maritime history. With our excellent quarterly publication Soundings and regular programming, WMHS offers something for everyone with even a slight interest in our glorious maritime past, present and future.

The collection of ship information is a cooperative effort between the Milwaukee Public Library and the WMHS.

The Wisconsin

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The collection also boats a small number of ship models and half hulls, house flags from shipping lines, ships artifacts, and nautical art. While boats play a large part in the interest and programming of the organization, WMHS offers so much more! Annual programs include diving seminars, memorial and commenarative events, vessel tours, shipyard tours, cruises, seminars and lectures. Guest speakers are often noted maritime experts from authors to captains and people who were or are a part of our Great Lakes maritime community. WMHS also goes way beyond just Lake Michigan, with emphasis placed on all of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, in addition to Wisconsin's inland lakes and rivers. Many of WMHS's members make up an ever shrinking group of maritime pioneers, passing on first hand, their fascinating experiences and endless knowledge to the next generations. Take a tour through the rest of the website and become a partner in Great Lakes nautical history.

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